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Final Chaos

Group: UCSI (Ultimate Chaos Security International)

Contents: Electronic magazine released with a DOS based viewer. It consists of a collection of interviews, tutorials, essays, binary samples and source codes ranging from Win32 viruses, via HTML/script viruses to macro viruses.

finalc-1.zip554349[1]Jan 2000

Spyda's Editorial

Welcome to Final Chaos, the Ultimate Chaos teams electronic zine. The zine that was originally planned to be released way back in August is now finally here and we all hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed compiling it. Before I carry on, I believe people deserve an explanation as to what happened regarding the zine and our future.

A long long time ago, in a world far far away, there was a group of people who were all members of a virus team called Ultimate Chaos, these members were all thirsty for knowledge concerning anything VX related and wanted to contribute to the VX scene.

Ultimate Chaos were originally (when I first joined) a small collection of virus related people, a trader, two researchers and a graphix guy who was learning how to code (me). Then UC merged with 3WD who were a group of self proclaimed hackers. Basically, this didn't work out and all of the 3WD members ending up leaving due to a "difference of opinion" (3WD were, and still are, led by a self proclaimed "anarchist" if you can work that one out :)..) UC then went very quiet for a while as we sorted out what direction we wanted to go in and a few new members joined (Gigabyte, MidNyte and PaX). This is how things stayed for a while and, as time went on, we got bigger and bigger (some will say too big).

Alot of coders were applying for membership to us and getting it, we had an enormous ammount of members and releasing an e-zine seemed like a logical thing to do. Zine material was coming to us in big quantities and everything was going fine, with various press/media coverage in our favour etc, until the enormous ammount of members became a problem.

People were feeling unsettled and didn't know where they stood, and to cut things very short alot of members left us because of this. Then came the new UK laws concerning viruses... As many of you know, UC is mainly UK based and these new laws meant some serious changes had to take place if we wanted to continue doing what we wanted to.

After a large discussion with the UK admins, it was decided that we would release this zine as a "one-off", the first - and last virus related zine to come from Ultimate Chaos. It was also decided that after the zine had been released, UC would change their name to UCSI (Ultimate Chaos Security International) and concentrate more on security related ideas and programs.

After this meeting, the work on the zine stopped for a while as we thought about our plans for the future and got more things finalized and everything went very quiet with us. Then we realized that the zine must be released and work started on it again, with several problems with the viewer etc coming at a *very* late stage.... but, here it is, Final Chaos, finally released and looking very nice if I do say so myself :)

I hope that clears things up a bit more and I hope you enjoy the zine,

Spyda, Final Chaos editor.

Introduction to The Final Chaos Electronic Magazine

Welcome to the electronic magazine from The Ultimate Chaos Virus Team. As you may or may not know the team was founded on Tuesday the 17th of February in 1998 as a purely virus collecting team. There was never any ideas to start coding or even release a zine. This step forward is if anything just as much as surprise fer me as it is fer everyone else.. In case you've never heard of the team allow me to explain who we are. The team consists of virus writers, researchers, collectors a main administration squad and unusual fer an underground team - a public relations squad. It is through these squads within the team that we run our operation and maintain our involvement within the different aspects of the entire viral scene.

What's been happening? Well, since the founding of the team there has been a lot of activity in and around the virus scene. The more memorable events include - on the virus side: the upspring of Win95.CIH.*, W2000M.Melissa, The first ever Coral Draw virus, mIRC worms and Spanska's Win95.ska. On the scene development side of things there's been various other groups founded such as Technological Illusions, CIH, JVS and SOS to name just a few.

The Ultimate Chaos Virus Team is a team of virus orinated personnal. Our current members list stands as follows (more detail can be found under members information).

Rhape79, Roadkil, [PaX], Spyda, MidNyte, Clau, DX100h, f0re, The_Might, Morphine and ElectricEye.

What can you expect from this first issue?

I should point out that since the beginning of this zine the team has in fact changed it's name to UCSI (Ultimate Chaos Security International) - therefore we feel that we should finish this zine as a virus team, but as of late 1999 and early 2000 we will be moving more and more towards security issues and applications although we will retain an element of the VX scene in the team. We will continue to trade and some of us will continue to code malware although unlike most of the malware out there our's will be documented and will follow on the lines that we set out in the Pr0ject Zer0. And as you can guess I will continue my work wilth Pr0ject Zer0 and thanks to much feedback I can see what the VX scene is ready to accept and what will fall dead.

Totally unreleated to VXing - I'm going to take this moment to meantion that UCSI has formed a small [email protected] group and that anyone who's VX (from authors to collectors or even just the merely interested) can join the group and help us analyse data from the [email protected] servers in the massive worldwide hunt fer EBE's in space. Details can be found at http://www.ultimatechaos.org/seti.html : Please note you will need to download the [email protected] software from their server if you do not already have it.

I hope at least some of you people out there will find our zine of interest and enjoy reading it as we did in making it..

Peace, Rhape79 [Ultimate Chaos '99]

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