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A Network Worm Modeling Package for SSFNet

The SSF.App.Worm package models the spread of a network worm, such as Code Red v2 or Sapphire/Slammer, at a macroscopic level using standard epidemic models from biology. Unlike other models published in the literature, this model is integrated with a packet level simulator, SSFNet. It forms a 'two-tier' model where the large scale behavior can be modeled coarsely ('macroscopic level') and selected parts can be modeled in detail ('microscopic level'). Thus, it can for example be used to study worm interaction with the infrastructure, possible worm effects on the infrastructure and the effectiveness of mechanisms (in the infrastructure) to detect or combat worms.

Version 0.5.1 features:

Planned features for future releases include:

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worm0.4.tgz32879NWMP 0.4Feb 2003MD5 sum f4fca4de076244ddc593286471f5e0d9
worm0.5.tgz158118NWMP 0.5Mar 2003MD5 sum 819481862da4d279957555716932c803
worm0.5.1.tgz157406NWMP 0.5.1May 2003MD5 sum 9d0115938c182ae84c9f179bd65b0399

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