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Rosenthal Virus Simulator

From the documentation:

These Virus Simulator programs generate safe and sterile, controlled test suites of sample virus programs. Virus Simulator's ability to harmlessly compile and infect with safe viruses, is valuable for demonstrating and evaluating anti-virus security measures without harm or contamination of the system. The infected programs can be used as bait for virus detecting programs to gain practical virus protection experience.

(Full info)

virsim11.zip27647[RVS 1.5]UnknownMD5 sum 5100467910cc06757058f5ddfccb058a
virsim2.zip127488[RVS 2.0]UnknownMD5 sum c41b413251c3aa72180bf82cf9a487e8
virsim.zip94524[RVS 3.0]UnknownMD5 sum 7d29dfb6c3e39e743e84500db4ae099a

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