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Simulate virus infections on a virtual computer

From the documentation:

VIRLAB is a program for the simulation of the spreading of DOS- computer viruses and their prevention. VIRLAB will thereby allow free, riskless experimenting, rather than following any fixed teaching strategy. With a basic knowledge about computer viruses the effects of viral infections during various stages can be studied without dealing with real viruses. This provides students in computer security classes etc. with a hands-on experience without getting in touch with actual viral code.

The program simulates an IBM-compatible personal computer under MS-DOS, version 3.2 which contains both a floppy disk drive and a hard disk drive. In the simulation environment you can select one virus out of a database with more than 530 currently known computer viruses and infect a disk with it or "design" your own (simulated) virus selecting from a menu of categories. As the work with this disk continues, the virus will become active and start spreading. As a general rule, this would happen unnoticed by the user during the execution of DOS-commands or user programs. VIRLAB will make these viral activities visible in various ways:

Furthermore, VIRLAB will give help depending on the situation as to how you can remove the virus from the system. Nota bene: To our best knowledge these hints will remove viruses completely from your system in the your computer is actually infected. However, in case of a real viral infection even with good scanning programs it is not always possible to precisely identify a virus. Your PC could be the victim of a new variant (a new kind of virus) with unpredictable features.

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