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  • Spy Heal
    SpyHeal is the Latest and Most Advanced Spyware Detection and Removal application on the Internet. We will prevent anyone from "spying" on your Internet activites.

  • Pest Trap
    Most popular spyware/adware cleaner software all over the world. Cleans all known viruses and worms.

  • Antivirus Golden
    AntivirusGolden is one of the most technologically advanced Spyware removal and protection software in the world today.

  • Brave Sentry
    Award-winning spyware removal utility will help you fighting all kinds of spyware including keyloggers, trojans and password thieves.

  • Malware Wipe
    Became one of the most popular programs very fast. It`s really easy to use and at the same time very effective.

  •  System Security Status: Warning
    Attention! Your system is currently vulnerable to computer attacks. Remote intruders can gain access to following files and folders on your PC:
    - \Windows\System32
    - \Program Files\Internet Explorer
    - \My Documents
    - Drive C:\ files
    To enhance the security on your PC Download and run Intrusion Detection System (IDS software)
     Investigation Report: Summary
    Your IP address:
    Your Country:AT, Austria
    Your Browser:Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1)
    Your Operation System:Windows XP SP2 VULNERABLE
    System Security Status:CAUTION
    Time of investigation:Fri Dec 8 15:09:31 PST 2006
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    Spy Heal
    • Over 40,000 threats in the database
    • Exclusive algorythm of cleaning
    • IE Safe Mode - simply cleans your browser!
    • Manual / automatic update system
    • Autostart items / IE Objects / Running Processes manager
    • Dialer blocker, Popup blocker

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    Pest Trap
    • Daily updated threat databases
    • Intelligent threat scanner
    • Application advanced firewall
    • IE security improvements
    • Advanced system securty features
    • Multiple scan options (fast / normal / deep)

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