The Trojanrunner95/98, final version? nah.. there'll always be more to add, u should all thank microsoft :p

This should not be used for illegal actions. The authors of these exploits, whom we're not, nor we accept being blamed for yur actions

This page will:
1)create the Netmonn.hta file in c:\ 2)create in c:\ (script for FTP) 3)create repair.bat (batch file for downloading the troj) 4)RUN repair.bat INVISIBLY! (NEW, check this out, it works..!)
CREDITS: Exxtreme, Stonefisk, OsioniusX (Guninski and Hird for the original exploit's)

You should change:
1)USERNAME to yur xoom's given username 2)PASSWD to yur xoom's passwd 3)trojan.exe to whatever name yur trojan