Thank you for trying the Browser Test.

Virus Detection
It is best to have your anti virus detection turned off for this test. This is because it is the browser that is being tested. Your anti virus software may detect the method of infection as a virus and quarantine our test file. If this happens you should download and install your Microsoft critical update and then return to this page and test again.

If the test worked successfully the following file will be installed on your computer BrowserX.hta in the C:\WINDOWS\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp Directory. You should search for the file using


Find or Search

Files or Folders

Type BrowserX.hta in the box.

Click on Find Now Button.

If the file is located, right click on the file in the Search Results and Delete.

If the file was found please visit this link here to install the critical updates package and then return and retest your browser after the install to make sure your browser is now secured.

If you miss the file do not worry as it will start itself at next reboot and display a message box directing you to the Microsoft Windows Update Page. You will still need to Delete it from the Start Up directory though to stop it restarting each time your computer starts up.

If you allowed it to start up it will create BrowserX.exe on C:\ which is harmless and only displays a pop up message box which directs you to the Microsoft Windows Updates page. You should install the latest critical updates on your computer immediately.