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This interview was done quite some time ago (When Blonde still was an independant novice viruswriter), but since I want you to know the new members of Immortal Riot, I decided to include it anyhow.

The story why Blonde (then using another handle), became a member of the virus community was bcos he got hit by a destructive virus I made for IR#5 and wanted to know how to protect himself against those evil programs :). He ended up being a member of the group which crashed his harddrive.

Give me a short description of who you are? (real name/ID-number/phone#/adress/age :))

John Doe / 01-12-23/ 0123-456 78 / 54 Unknown St. / 18

From where did you get you handle, Blonde?

From one of Quentin Tarantinos movies, Reservoir Dogs. One of the main characters is called Mr. Blonde

Does your handle has some specific meaning?

The character Mr. Blonde is kind of cruel... guess I'm cruel too;)

When did you discovered the world of computers?

That was around the age of, erh..., 11 or 12 or something like it...

How long have you been active in the scene?

Depends on wich scene... I haven't been active in the virus scene for more than a year, or maybe one and a half..something like it, I don't count days...

Why did you start to call boards and such things?

Well first I was just astonished that I could use a modem to comunicate with other persons then I got into the wareZ scene and discovered that one could get hold of alot of intresting softw. but that didn't last long... but it was still the main reason I started calling boards.(* side note... I don't know why but it seems like the warez scene is where all ppl start out, but then move on to the scene that really fits them. end side note *)

How did you come into the virus business?

Well I guess I just wanted to learn more about viruses, mainly for protective purposes. As some of you guys know I didn't bother about viruses until I got hit by Bad Attitude... (* This is a very funny story, indeed - TU *) then I started to look at virus-code and though it woul be cool to be able to write one by myself and well after a period of trial and error I succeeded and realised I'd found my niche.

Why did you start to write viruses?

Because they intrigued me... they attracted me and to some extent to make something those warez-puppies feared like hell...

Which goals do you have as a viruswriter?

To make the perfect virus... would be nice ;) naah well I set my goals in a closer future as for now I'm aiming to do a multipartite. It might even be included in this mag.. who knows? after that I'll probebly try to combine all my knowledge in a multipartite with full stealth or something like it... (* This has now been sorta done.. *)

What programming-languages are you familiar with, and whats your favourite language?

I'm a descent pascal programmer. I was my first programming language and I've done tons of apps in it. I'm also familiar with C and trying to teach myself C/C++ at the moment... and asm ofcourse. Since I started using asm I've realised that it's far more powerful atleast if it's not too _big_ apps. so nowadays I mainly use asm for everything...

How many viruses have you written?

gee... I dunno... not so many I guess. I think I've _finished_ about 5 or so.. they're easy to count though... one non-ow, one res com, one enc res com, one res com/exe and then s4

How do you name your viruses?

That depends... Something that has a meaning to me... or something that sounds good... Salamander Four for example was nicked from a book by Peter O'Donnel where S4 is the name of a crime-syndicate...

What motivates you to write viruses?

The learning process... mainly and the kick when you've succeeded with something you haven't done before. thats a thrill..

Did some of them carried a destructive payload?

I've written destructive payloads, yes... but up to date I haven't spread my viruses so I've never included any payloads at all

Do you think you will continue to write viruses?

Yes, until I get fed up with them, but that will hopefully take time...

Whould you feel guilty if one of your viruses made damage to a hospital, and someone got harmed bcos of that?

Probably... I don't know since it hasn't happened... but I think I would... thats why I prefere non-destructive payloads...

Would you deliberate infect a school or government institution if you know they would replicate well if you did so?

Yes.. schools and govermental institutions wouldn't be a problem at all, because a virus can't do anyone physical harm through them...

Do you find it easier to infect pirated software (which is illegal to use), than PD/SW software?

That doesn't bother me at all... software is software... I just add my piece of code... it doesn't change the function of the program... BUT if I infect pirate software that would probably be because I would like my virus to spread... pd/sw doesn't travel as fast as pirated software does...

Do you encourage deliberate destructive code in viruses?

It doesn't bother me as long as it isn't my HD you're nukin'... but I prefer funny payloads...

Have you considered writing destructive code in viruses?

Oh yes. I've considered it... I'll probably end up including destructive code in some viruses, just to get attention ;)

What to you think of the issue concerning 'undestructive-viruses'?

They're harmless as long as the remover (the person who removes them) knows what to do and that may be a plus since most ppl. wouldn't get as pissed off when struck by an undestructive virus...

Do you think one can make a virus benefictial?

Maybe... I've had that though really... I just tend to see viruses as a piece of code... or artificial life ;)

Have you ever considered writing a GOOD virus?

I would be more than happy to write a good virus since it then might be more appreciated for the programming skill it took to write it and not rejected by the fact that the viruses are seen as evil...

Gonthev described in his 'write-up' "Is good Computer-Viruses still a bad idea?". Do you think it's possible to write a GOOD virus, which serves a useful task, and at the same time, solves all problems that he described?

It might be possible to write a _good_ virus BUT I'm not sure I would consider viruses good, since it is so easy to loose control over it... say for example you use one to encrypt your HD. what would your friend think if his hd got encrypted? It might be possible to write what you and I consider a good virus, but there is always someone who'll disagree with you.

About virus-code-generators, what is your opinion about them, and about people using them thinking they are hot-shot-3liT333?

I consider people using code-generators as the worst virus-writer wannabes. I really think they should try to write their own code, because it's not that hard really... it just takes practise. Though code-generators are good for some people (like me ;)). I actually learned a great deal from G2 and my first virus actually looked very much like a G2 generated virus, but I wouldn't want to release that source ;) On the other hand. To create a generator is a good way to prove oneself as a good virus writer, because it takes a lot of skill to do so...

Do you write viruses to get recognition in the virus/AV community?

To some extent yes, because I'm not going to get any recognition from the users that get hit by my viruses ;) But the recognition isn't that important. whats important is the fact that I succeeded in creating the virus, that is by itself really enough for me...

What do you think about the media/AV describing viruswriters as lonely individuals with no life?

Haha... thats probably the biggest lie of them all! I'm having a hard time finding enough time to write viruses because I've got a very busy social life.

Do you think the scene is associal or not?

Thats a hard question... It's quite hard to get into the community, ie. finding a board, making friends and learning... but once you're in it's the best scene around! It's easier if you've got access to internet and irc though... you meet alot of real good coders on irc and they're all willing to help you out...

How are you in real life?

Hehe.. I'm a party animal... I just love parties it's just too bad my wallet doesn't... I guess I'm just another normal guy, but with intresest in viruses.

How do you make your living?

I don't. I'm still studying. (* Notice, now Blonde also works for the same company as our sysop, The Wizard does. He earns a lot of money, but spends it all on Camel's (ciggs) and booze. - TU *)

Have the scene/viruswriting influent you in real life?

My opinion on viruses has changed a great deal... I've lost most of my respect for them ie. my fear... ;) but my knowledge in viruses has made me the av'er of the school when it gets hit... it might be because I always know which virus it is... usually mine ;).

What do your parents/close friends think about your viruswriting?

My parents don't know, but I doubt that they would care. It's my choice, they can't stop me and they know it... they might disagree but since they're very realistic they wouldn't try or anything... most of my friends aren't aware of the fact that I write viruses, some of them do and I'm trying to get one of them to start writing. (* Movitz :-), Monica's little darling, hahhahah! *) (NBL) <- Rb's secret comment ;> (don't tell ne1)

Why havn't you told your parents about your activity in the virus arena?

If they asked I would tell them if I thought it would change my relationship with them, but I generally don't go around telling people that I'm writing viruses because of the bad reputation viruses have got. People tend to look at virus writers with disgust and thats not what I'm looking for so I don't tell them...

Are you only into viruswriting or other parts of the computer-underground as well?

I'm at the moment deep into viruses, but hacking is also an option if virus writing gets boring. Well you could also probably add pirating to the list since I don't have the money too buy the software I need... but if I did I would probably stop, because programmers deserve the money. Although most programmers at Microsoft don't!

What in the scene do you find okay to do, and what dont you do bcos you find it morally wrong?

Board trashing is morally wrong... it might be a lame sysop but he has spent hours and hours setting the board up so let him be...

What parts of the underground do you think needs improvements?

The information exchange... most people just poll nets they don't share..

Whats your opinion about polymorphic engines?

Okey to use for the author, but for anyone else it would be like a using a code-generator...

Why do you think people won't use them? (other than the inventors?)

Because those who use code-generators are happy with that and often not smart enough to use a polymorphic engine... the real virus writers wouldn't want to use code they haven't created by themself atleast not to that extent...

What do you think about the new computer-laws propositions concerning viruses?

ARGH! viruses shouldn't be illegal in ANY way... it's just a piece of code or if you look at it in a different way some characters in a file... well I'm not into laws... I don't think a community should have any laws... I belive that everybody should use common sense to judge their actions.. but that won't work in todays society...

Whats your opinion about the EU?

Well... too big... but as it looks Sweden would've had real big problems if not being accepted... the EU-market is too large too miss and swedish companies would've moved out of the country to get cheaper labour and to get rid of all the taxes... aah well nothing is perfect, is it?

Whats your opinion about the swedish government?

It sucks... the politicians are too weak and no one has the guts to do anything about it...

Do you distribute your viruses to the public?

Haven't done that so far...

Which virus programmer do you admire/like?

I donno really... haven't had that much contact with _major_ virus writers... but I like Qark's style, doing the flash bios infector, because it has never been done before... Thats what I admire, originality.

Describe the perfect virus:

Hard to do actually, one could say that it would be full stealth on every aspect and infect floppy boot/mbr/com/exe/sys/ovl and so forth, but tomorrow everything might change because of some new tool invented or something...

Describe the perfect viruscoder:

Even harder... but the most important thing is time and a brain is preferred...

Describe the AV-community in a few lines:

Since I haven't released any viruses to the public I haven't encountered any _real_ AV'ers... but I've followed some discussions at anti-virus meetings and most of the AV'ers are simply morons... and they like flaming so I guess I don't like 'em.

Which AV-program do you think is the best?

Tbav is probably the best if you know viruses, but Fprot is a close second... For people not knowing so much about viruses I recommend Mc Affee's scan since it doesn't give you any false alarms...

Do you think an AV-program can guarantee 100% detection rate for all known & unknown viruses?

No, not without hardware protection. If it's software there will always be way around it or a backdoor or a bug wich one could use to by-pass it...

Bontchev wrote an article called "Future trends in viruswriting", to you think viruses described will be coded in the future? (Lan aware viruses, snatching passwords, etc.)

Believe me, there are already viruses like that around!

(Anti-virus-virus - (retrovirus)) If you mean that virus writers will attack other viruses, then I guess I think that won't be so likely... maybe co-existing but not nukeing others...

(* Stupid goof, retro-viruses do attack AV-software - TU :) *) (maybe if you had wrote it "Anti-Anti_virus-virus" he would of got it right ;), looks like you both made a mistake ;)) (yep, you guessed right: another obnoxious remark from rb :))

(self-mutating viruses) This is probebly very likely to be a project for someone, but it would be DAMN hard to do... if not entirely impossible... probably impossible actually.

(Hardware level stealth - like Strange) mmm I don't know shit about Strange... but I guess writers all over will try to find better ways of stealthing, so thats more than likely to produce more complicated stealth-methods.

What to you think about the future for PC-DOS viruses?

The dos-virus probably still has a future because it'll be hard to kill the dos environment... some people say that dos will die with win95. I don't belive in that, maybe because I'll never change to a GUI (* Grafical User Interface - TU *) but because win95 has enormous hardware requirements that many pc-users won't match so atleast they'll stay a while in a plain dos environment...

Do you think viruses will be written for other (newer) operating- systems like OS/2 and Win95?

Yes probably... but not in pure-asm, as I see it it'll be the era of high-level viruses... I also think it'll be another generation of virus writers because most of todays writers are pure-asm coders and they won't like the thought of writing viruses in C or Pascal or something like it...

Have you ever considered writing a virus for another OS than DOS?

Considered, yes... tried, no... my knowledge of other OS's are far to basic... and I don't even feel like it would be worth a try.. dos is still the main pc-environment

Any advice to people who want's to learn the basic of virus-writing?

Yeah... get hold of some sources... ;) naah honestly sources are good, but it's even better to get hold of a virus programmer and have him explain a source. That usually helps ALOT... I'll help everyone I can... and I know most writers feel the same... as long as it isn't REALLY stupid questions... also looking at some tutes is useful. DA's (* Dark Angel/Phalcon/Skism - TU *) guides help me out a lot... maybe not the code, but the concept.

Do you think the virus-problem will slow down bcos of laws?

NO, probably just the opposite atleast it would work like that for me... I know I can keep my real name hidden if I wanted to and I disagree with laws like that so it would make me very productive and also very destructive...

Can you be reached somewhere?

I can always be reached at TWL/HNS (+46-8-7354760). I'm working on a real internet account.....

Your mottoe is:

nada... seize the day is a good one, but that is taken by someone.. ;) (* Who?? Horatius? :) *)

Something else you wish to say but never before had to opportunity to say?

Hi mom...;) and well mmm erh...

Do you wish to send any greet/hate messages?

yup... a big thank you to Anders Gavare, Swedens numero uno av-wanna-be and also the guy that keeps me writing viruses ;) Without his attitude I wouldn't be alive since a laughter extends your life... (^Swedish expression.. ;)) else mmm well thanks to all the people on IRC that has helped me out or tried to help me out... especially darkman/vlad for a helping me with a fprot alarm.