,, MMP""MM""YMM `7MM P' MM `7 MM MM MMpMMMb. .gP"Ya MM MM MM ,M' Yb MM MM MM 8M"""""" MM MM MM YM. , .JMML. .JMML JMML.`Mbmmd' `7MMF' `7MF' `7MMF' `7MMF' `MA ,V MM MM VM: ,V `7M' `MF' MM MM .gP"Ya ,6"Yb.`7M' `MF'.gP"Ya `7MMpMMMb. MM. M' `VA ,V' MMmmmmmmMM ,M' Yb 8) MM VA ,V ,M' Yb MM MM `MM A' XMX MM MM 8M"""""" ,pm9MM VA ,V 8M"""""" MM MM :MM; ,V' VA. MM MM YM. , 8M MM VVV YM. , MM MM VF .AM. .MA..JMML. .JMML.`Mbmmd' `Moo9^Yo. W `Mbmmd'.JMML JMML. ,, ,, ,, .g8"""bgd `7MM `7MM mm db .dP' `M MM MM MM dM' ` ,pW"Wq. MM MM .gP"Ya ,p6"bo mmMMmm `7MM ,pW"Wq.`7MMpMMMb. MM 6W' `Wb MM MM ,M' Yb 6M' OO MM MM 6W' `Wb MM MM MM. 8M M8 MM MM 8M"""""" 8M MM MM 8M M8 MM MM `Mb. ,'YA. ,A9 MM MM YM. , YM. , MM MM YA. ,A9 MM MM `"bmmmd' `Ybmd9'.JMML..JMML.`Mbmmd' YMbmd' `Mbmo.JMML.`Ybmd9'.JMML JMML. -- Contact -- https://twitter.com/vxunderground vxug@null.net

How did you start out in computers?

From my friend computer (1990)

How and when did you start out in the virus scene?

Since my computer attack by 'WelcomeB' I promise to get REVENGE

Have you written viruses? If so which would you like to take credit for?


How do you name your viruses?

Depending the effect :)

Which programming languages do you know?

Pascal and VB

What programming language do you like using the most?

VB, you can see in NVLR #3

Are you a member of a VX group?

Yup, NoMercy Virus Team

Which AV software do you like/respect the most?


Which the least?


What are your goals (VX wise)?

First my goal is REVENGE, Second I like make it :) and Third I want My virus include in every CCTX????.ZIP :D

What is your view on the continuous 'war' between VX and AV.

I don't care what peoples say about our move (VX).Without VX peoples in AVers can't get money

Where did you get you handle? What does it mean?

In High School my girlfriend call me 'Fox', I like it cause Fox mean clever

What is your view on Virus Creation software (eg. VCL, PS-MPC etc.)?

That software can help somebody to REVENGE or learn how to make virus, specially for somebody that blind about programming language

What is your view on macro viruses vs. assembly or HLL viruses?

Macro viruses are much more fun than Asm bcoz, they infect user data not user program. If someone understands Basic he can make MV

Have you ever confirmed one of your viruses 'in-the-wild'?

No !:) but I know, All my virus going wild in my neighbourhood

Which VX E-zine do you like to most?

29A, VBB and SLAM.

Which the least?


Which individual or what group do you like/respect in the VX world?

For individual Dark Avenger

For group VLAD

In the AV world?


Which individual or what group do you like/respect outside the VX or the AV world?

For individual My parents

For group ??

What is your view on destructive payloads in viruses?

bcoz I had write one,.. so... I LOVE DESTRUCTIVE PAYLOAD

Do you think there is such a thing as a 'good' virus?


What do you do in 'real' life?


Do people outside the VX scene know what you do (parents, girlfriend etc.)?

Yup, My girlfriend know it

Do you do other computer stuff outside VX (Hacking, phreaking, warez etc.)?

Cheating!. I like game, and always use Cheat. :)

Should viruses be illegal? Is there a difference between creation and spreading?

Illegal?, if some body doesn't trade his data, make copy of program, the virus never spread (expect ShareTheFun). So... stop thinking that virus is illegall!

Describe the perfect virus.

What is your view on Windows (95)

I Hate Win9x, Always 'hang' when install in my PC, 'Plug and Hang' not 'Plug and Play'

What is your advice for people just starting out?

Upgrade their PC

Any greets?

For my honey, thanks for your support

Any other comments?

GET A LIFE!!, download VDAT now!

Short responses to the following names or words:

Who except you in No Mercy?

CrazyMan (My big brother), Lucifer, SafeGuard #, SlageHammer, Gurita

How is No Mercy organized?

We have 5 Divisions:

Online Div. := Foxz

Coder and VirusMaker Div. := Foxz, Crazyman, Lucifer, SafeGuard

Tester Div. := Gurita, SlageHammer, SafeGuard

InfoHunter Div. := SlageHammer, SafeGuard

Spread Div. := Gurita

How is the virus scene in Indonesia?

I hear lots Virus group in Indonesia but all I know Only Two Site About Indonesian VX (Andry ChistrianZ and NoMercy) About Milky (the asshole claimer), he is not in count

Will you release any other virus creators like CVCK?

My Brother (CrazyMan) have a plan about that

What is in your future and the future of No Mercy?

Make Alliance with other Indonesian Virus Group!

Will No Mercy increase the number of members?

Yup, but 'now just' for Indonesian only

Will you do other viruses except macro viruses?

Are you challange me ? :)

What are your plans with NVLR?

I want in someday All Macro Virus In the world include in NVLR