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This is a new virus groups from Malacca (South Asia), now south asia have two active virus groups, one based in Indonesia and one again based in Malacca/Malaysia. We as the most active virus group (ahem) like to know what is KPV Team, and... here they are

Tell Us when and who founded KPVTeam?

KPV Team was founded by Dark Shadow (me), Dark Knight, and Dark Warrior in late 1997. We founded KPV Team as there were no other virus writers groups in Malaysia at that time. Even now, hehehe, KPV Team is the sole virus writers group in Malaysia..

How many years have KPVTeam been part of the virus scene?

Well, KPV Team has been in the VX scene since 1997.

How KPVTeam Organized?

Dark Shadow (me) is the president and also macro virus writer. Dark Warrior is our vice president, macro virus writers, and trojan horse writer. Dark Knight is the editor of KPV Team's magazine. The rest of the members help us to either write documentation, beta test viruses, or distribute viruses.

Do you do other computer stuff outside VX (Hacking, phreaking, warez etc.)?

We are 100% pure virus. That means no hacking or phreaking. But we do collect warez mainly as the price of computer software (like VB/Word) is damn expensive here in Malaysia..

Which individual or what group do you like/respect in the VX world?

All KPV Team memberz, NoMercy Virus Team, Cicatrix mainly coz his VDAT is damn interesting, and NuKE coz of VCL:)

What was your first experience with a computer virus?

Our first experience was when we visited Chiba City Blues.

What motivates you to join in virus scene?

Well, we like to brake laws especially the Malaysian Cyberlaws. That's what motivates us to join the VX scene.

What's the groups goal?

Develop the best virus construction kit in the world.

How many people are you?

Our administrators are 3 members, Dark Shadow (me), Dark Knight and Dark Warrior. Our general members are 8 members currently. So in total KPV Team is made up of 11 members.

Which AV-program do think is the best, and why?

No AV program is the best. All of them get outdated soon. :) But if you want to know the worst, it is McAfee, naturally.

What do you think about the underground's future?

We cannot and will not predict the future.

Why ask us to put Dinesh Nair to Our Fucking Page :)

hehehe. some ppl deserve to enter fucking pages if they act too lame.

What's your opinion about making viruswring illegal?

Well, virus writing should be illegal because we virus writers have more chalenge. if KPV Team's name comes out in the newspapers for commiting a computer crime, we would damn like it.

What programming-languages are you familiar with, and what's your favourite language?

quickbasic, wordbasic, visualbasic, c++, and tasm. our favourite? assembler, naturally.

How is the virus scene in Malacca?

KPV Team is the only virus writers group in Malacca and also in Malaysia.

Who is the greatest virus writer in your eyes?

We believe that no virus writer can be great. A virus writer that calls himself great is the biggest lamer.

What do you thing about the NoMercyVirusTeam?

Good group but you need something extra - Why not release new version of CVCK or NEG?.

Who are you in the real life?

top secret. :-)

Any helloes or fucking messages? :)

In order given below, we send our warmest fucking messages to the following people who proved to be lamers:

  1. Dinesh Nair - I am still awaiting your lawsuit on KPV Team, Dinesh boy.
  2. Ron Looi - Did you say KPV Team is stupid, Ron boy?
  3. Shamsiyati Ramli - Anyone want to mailbomb this lamer, yati@jaring.my?

Now please pay a visit to http://kpvteam.home.ml.org