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HMVS claim that his Neural Network good, and every virus can detect, but in the fact, Mikee make HMVS nothing, Mikee done make Anti Neural Network (test with HMSV 260). Well Vrtik what you comment?

Discribe your self

i'm cool and i have no rules attached to myself. i do what i want to do and i like mingling with other people like you :).

here did you get your handel, what the mean?

well, here in the philippines, we have three majorisland groups. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. I live in the visayas area and there Mike is oftentimes called Mikee. It actually doesn't mean anything but I like it because it sounds sweeter and cooler than Mike.

How long you has been active on VX?

for about 4 years (on and off).

did you ever write virus, what the name and where your fav?

yes. most of them are newer versions of old ones. One of them, V1, a virus i left in the wild and undocumented is the one i like most. Some may call it a "lamer's virus" but it survived in the systems it was designed to live. It's a non-overwriting COM infector and it's not even memory resident. I like it because it's my first succesful virus.

what programming lang. you know?

ASM and Basic. Never focused on C and Pascal

Your betha of satan666 is very kewl HMVS can't detect it, tell me story behind the making of satan666?

Thanks for the compliments about Satan666. It's actually my fourth Macro Virus (of the same gen) and as of now, I never know anything about Macro stealth techniques except for toolsmacro and toolsoptions :). well, the story behind it is in it's name. to let the world know, i'm satanist and i think it is my WILL that created and made Satan666 the virus that you say. :) :).

how did you start out in VX?

Damn, the virus i encountered was the 15xx virus. It was often detected by McAfee. I then started to become interested in virii. I bought books about it and began to learn).

who are you in the real life?

I don't see any reason to hide myself so here i am. My true name is Michael John G. Lopez, living at U-115 Christopher Plaza Bldg., Quirino Highway, LAGRO, Novaliches City, Philippines. If you want to contact me by phone, my telefax is (632) 4191374. I work as layout artist, programmer, and anything about computers. 21 yearsold birthday is March 18 (so watch out for March 18 triggers :))

what your view about vck?

they're fine 'coz they help beginners to have a good start. the problem with vck's is that when the AV people begin to know about it, all virii it produces can then easily be detected.

should virus be illegal?

some say so but i don't think so. hard to explain.

how big your collection?

i don't collect virii except my own. i have about 8 of them in my control but only three have i posted in Mikee's World.

you have plan to make vck?

i'm planning to make a macro source code generator.

ppl on VX you like?

Cicatrix, Guillermito, Jerk1N, and you of course

ppl on VX you dislike?


how VX move in your country?

great. very great because most of existing systems here are still DOS based, viral infection and spreading is easy. we even have a loyal virus June12 (guess you have heard of it) that plays the national anthem on our independence day (june 12 of course) another one is Possessed which came from one of our universities.

are you in VX group? what your position?

Yeah. i founded mikee's world.

anybody know you in VX (you dad, girl, etc)?

close friends and my girl friend!.

what you fav AV (don't answer McAfee!)?

i guess, i like tbav the best. i don't call it an AV but rather a virus writer's tool for checking his virus' survivability

How many virus you have been write? what the virus name?

4 gens i think. 2 com's, 1 exe, and 1 macro. the rest are just strains. the names? visit my page.. :).

write here you URL :)


okay thats all now write anything you like no space limit?

if you (whoever is reading this) write a virus, just make sure it survives. otherwise, trash your project and start on a new one. LONG LIVE VX!!!.

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