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Who are you? Tell us about yourself.

Well, lets see. Im currently just a college student/computer nerd having fun with my life. I have a very health social life and a kewl girlfriend for over a year. My true love is producing electronic music (intelligent jungle/ drum&bass)

Where did you get your handle?

haha., good question. I don't know when or why i picked it up. Everyone that has been through any sort of biology class knows what a nucleus is, and the plural is nuclei.,., i just happened to have a typo that i liked and stuck with it.

Are you part of any VX groups?

No, not currently or ever in the past.

How long have you been part of the virus scene?

About a year or so. Ever since i first had a computer, and a cute little cascade infection, i have been interested in the vx scene. I use to read all the av papers on the dark avenger and the more common vx zines way before i ever learned programming or ever really got involved.

How did you started programing virii?

Something about a program that can spread itsell... ahh., i geuss its the classic "artifical life" thing that really made me interested in viruses. A friend of mine (went by the handle of fayte, which i havent had contact with for god knows how long, ... so if your out there, mail me,.,) knew a little assembler, and helped me learn the basics, and always sent me examples and stuff. One way or another i learned virus programming as i was learning the assembly language. I also was learning computers in general. It all happened at once. hehe.,,.

What was your first virus?

err., ick. The first virus i took credit for was a hack of the p/s TR-808 virus, which was a hack of the leprosy virus. Due to my love of electronic music, when i found the source for a virus that had something to do with it i flipped. All i really did to it was rip out its encryption, changed it, did a little bug fixing, and added some harmful payloads. I did a ton of code optimization to it, and cut out enough shit to make it 606 bytes. If your wondering, a TR-808 was an analog drum machine made by roland in the early 80's. It was discontinued, and now the street price has blown sky high. The 606 was another machine in the TR series. The first virus i really coded myself was a .com overwriter, restored files time/date, and it could defeat read only files. The classic peice of shit overwriter.

Are there any individuals or what groups do you respect out the VX/AV scene?

I wish you didn't ask that.,hehe., ok, here we go. Starting with the groups..,

29a - One of the best damn groups active today. They have some of the top coders around, and have made an outstanding contribution to the vx scene.

Codebreakers - A great group. They had the right idea and took the time to teach others. If you are just learning assembler and virus programming, then their zines are worth gold.

SLAM - Slam just rox0rs. =] Much Respect.

There are many old groups i respect for paving the way, but hell thats all in the past. Lets move on.

Now with the writers.,,.

Everyone from 29a, for pushing on, and also all the old schoolers that pretty much invented the virus scene, and for the scratch coders of the classics that nobody know who wrote em., Much Respect.

Which programming languages do you know and/or use the most?

The only language i really know and use is assembler.

What's your views on Macro/HLL virii vs. Assembly virii?

Macro viruses have played a big role here in the late 90's. They are another example of how bill gates and his stupid microsoft fucked up once again. If they keep leaving holes like that open, then there is always going to be someone to discover and exploit it. Most hll viruses are rather stupid due to the sheer size of them. Still, after contracting a CREED v1.0 infection myself, i found a new respect. Big ups to RAiD! hehe., I just find it amazing that after all this time, and all the people that went bitching about it on A.C.V that no av can clean it to this date. Thats not too shabby if ya ask me. As far as contrasting to assembly language, well, you cant. They both play their own role, and all have their ups and downs. Its really about personal opinion. Personally, i dont have much interest in macros or hll.

What do you think of destructive payloads in virii?

Well, i could sit here and bitch about how its retarded to distroy other peoples data, but that is a topic i cant get into. I dont know any virus writer that hasnt done this at some time or other. I have never created a virus with a destructive payload and spread it in the wild (although, somehow avp got their hands on a virus from me that will overwrite the first four sectors on the a and b drives., go figure). I just think that if you write code and spread it, the last thing you want to do is put code in it that will distroy itself. Look into biological viruses, its the same thing. Ones that kill their host quickly die out quickly. Ever wonder why the hiv is everywhere and ebola is not?

Where do you think the virus scene is going?

hehe., nothing but up. Im sure win32 infection is going to start comming on strong, and hell knows whats going to happen with the future OS. One way or another, the virus scene will survive and continue to come out on top.

What advice would you give new virii programers?

Start slow. Don't try to rush out and expect to be able to code everything at once. It all will come in time. Learn to code dos viruses to learn how a computer works, then head for win32 exe infectors.,heh., i wish i had. Fuck what the past says, its time to push forward.

What are your future plans?

I have no idea,. i would like to have a few more issues of Vx United completed before i move away from the virus scene. I just want to have fun, live my life, and rock code. Is that too much to ask? hehe.,

Do you have any other comments?

nope. hehe,. err., wait, just one. "Technology"

I would like to give you a Thank You from "me" Knowdeth And all the Metaphase members for giving me your time to make this interview possible :-)