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The second interview with another cool rRlf (Ready Rangers Liberation Front) group member - Retro. Enjoy! ;)

It's time to have some fun, Retro ;) Please introduce yourself. Where are you from? How old you? etc..

Hiya, i'm a 23 year old male, who lives in a small town in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside in England, i'm 50/50 english and italian, currently enjoying life.

Can you tell us the story of your handle? Where did you get it? Why you choosed exactly this handle? and did you have another handles before your last?

May years ago I went from a small software group by the name of Retrospect, i started looking into the hacking scene, which then lead me to trojans, and finally on to viruses. The first forum I came across about this topic was indovirus.net which I joined by with me handle, as that word has always just been stuck in my head.

Do you have another hobbies besides VXing? What is your favourite music (which band(s) do you like most, and what genre(s) of music you listen)?. What is your favourite book(s), movie(s), food? Do you use any drugs, smoke, and/or drink beer? :D etc..

I like everything that goes over a ton, cars, bikes and the rest, sorta like a speed freak. I listen to techno, house, trance music most of the time, but when I code i've normally got ambient/chillout on the go, i watch alot of british comedy and war films, when I get time, and also smoke weed helps me relax and collect my thoughts.

Tell us the story about your first steps. When you was entered VX-scene? and what was the "feeling" entering it? What was your first VX-group? What was your first virus? etc..

Well I enter maybe four-five years ago, I came across coderz.net to start with but at this time I did not code viruses. After a while I found indovirus.net which was a vx-forum and was here where I really started. I guess I was like everyother newbie out there, always being carful about what you say and did, but I did met some really friendly people there, kefi, blueowl, maniac98 and ahnospell44. When indo went down, I felt homeless and as kefi and blueowl had just joined rRlf, I thought i'd try my luck at it to and thankfully i did.

We all imagine you virtualy, but we can't really paint you in our minds ;) How do you look like, Retro (If this is not a secret ofcourse! X-D) ?

I'm skin-head caucasian.

What the position of the vx-scene in the your country where you live? What laws are there? What is prohibited, and what is allowed?

Since the creation of the computer misuse act back sixteen years ago, they have in my option been very sloppy. May this year the government decided to update these laws, and very interestingly makes in now illegal to make, supply or obtain articles for use in computer misuse offences. Anyway there are many loopholes in the UK's justice system, so there are many ways around it.

What is your personal opinion about nowadays VX-scene, Retro? What you think about past vx-scene times? and what is your opinion about future VX-scene?

In the past everyone was much more friendly, always willing to help other people out than they do now, but dont get me wrong there are still friendly people out there, who are willing to help you which I think is great. You dont get many people who would so it just goes to show what the community is like. No matter where you are, your get thoses two sets of people.

Can you tell us which creations (viruses etc..) you have written? Which creations are your best ones? and if possible, tell us a small stories and/or descriptions about thems :)

From what kind of source you choosing your creations names? Is it from music, books, or movies? etc..

All the names I use now, come from latin words, meaning whatever I feel like the creation does or best describes it in my option.

Besides your viruses, which virus(es) are your favourite? and why?

I dont really have a favourite one. Their all good in their own way, but I perfer the old skool viruses,like cascade and queeg, the ones that started the whole scene, and still now summit crops up, which I get inquisitive about.

Have you some plans in the future as coder, Retro? Which ideas you have composed, but not realised thems till now? What you really want to do in the future as coder, and in real life as programmer?

Well normally I take one day at a time, so at the moment I dont have anything planned for the future. I'll just see what happens when the time comes, but I dont think i'd like a job as a real life coder or anything, well not at the moment anyway.

Which past/present vx-zine(s) and group(s) you like(d)?

My respect goes out to all how have served in the scene, everyone has provided summit useful to us all, or created new ideas which people have accumulated too.

On which programming language(s) do you like to code?

These days I mainly code in C# which I enjoy using, but now and again I dive back into c and visual basic, it all depends on what i'm doing.

What do you think about such underground areas like hacking, phreaking, cracking? etc.. Never you was involved in thems?

Before I did what I do now, I did look into the hacking scene, but I found it kinda boring, and I came across to many idiots thinking they know everything, just like you'd find everywhere else i guess, but no it wasnt to my liking. I'm dont dislike it though, if people want to do it then thats up to them.

This question would be about AV-scene ;) What you think about AVers, Retro? What you think about past, present, and future AV-scene? How do you think which AV is leading nowadays? Which AV personaly you like, and which AV you use?

Well avers are only doing their job I guess, and but I bet its really extreme! I still have respect for what they do mind you, but in my option they seem to take longer to produce. I dont use AV software myself, so i dont really have a "favourite" one, but I heard kaspersky it a good one so it'll probability use that one if I do.

Somebody may code to show that able to code, somebody may code to destroy, somebody may code to get famous, somebody may code to get moneys, somebody searching a keys from a doors that are still closed to present a new tehniques. Everyone choosing own way, what is your way into vx scene road, Retro?

I dont do it for money, I dont do it for fame, I do it because I want to do it, and because I can. I dont care what people say, I enjoy what I do hence why I do it.

Which in your opinion nowadays platform(s) is best for malware? Nowadays we have beautiful Nokia cell phones for example, on such tehnologies is posible to create some malware. Nowadays we have more and more devices which are malware compatable. What you think about it, Retro?

There are many new systems now it would be nice to see at least one malware for the platform, just for the pride more than anything, but still I think windows is still at the top of the list. Other then that though i would like to start coding for Linux systems, with more people converting to it, but i keep putting it off like most others things. Anyway Linux is getting everywhere just like windows once was, and one day i'd like to see it out grow win.

Do you have friends on the vx-scene with whos you want to meet someday? and make kick-ass VX-meeting! ;)

I'd like to meet all the friends I know, its always nice to meet face to face, maybe one day I will, but we'll have to wait and see though.

Is there any places in the Earth which you want to visit in the near future?

I'd love to go traveling around southeast asia, its very peaceful and calming, a very beautiful place indeed.

What recommendations you can give to VXer who just started out?

Never give up, just keep learning and do what you want to do. Don't listen to anyone else just follow your dreams, and enjoy yourself!

Where we can find you at any moment? if possible, post here your contact information: e-mail, homepage, IRC channel(s) etc..

Email me at retrouk@gmail.com, otherwise undernet - #eof-project - http://retro.host.sk

This is your free space, Retro. You can write here whatever you wish: greets, wishes, fucks etc.. X-D

Well, Retro. We are reached the end of our interview. Thankyou a lot for the time that you spent to answer my questions, thankyou also for agree to take an interview from you! We wish you best luck in everething, see ya! ;)

np, likewise dude :p

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