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Tell us a bit about yourself, hobbies, music, etc.

I'm Brazilian, divorced, 28 years, I have 1 daugther (with 5 years), and my hobbies are:

How did you get your handle? Is there a specific meaning behind it?

I'm a big Ayrton Senna's fan (Formula-1 Brazilian Driver), the best! :-) I dont need talk any more :-)

How and when did you start out with computers?

I start in 1981, with Prologica CP-300/500 (Z80 compatible), Apple IIe with 9 years old ... in the 1982 I have my first contact with IBM PC :-) and MS-DOS 1.0.. hehe

Which programming languages do you know and which ones do you prefer using?

OLD MS-DOS languages, like: Clipper, dBase, Cobol, GWBasic, Quick Basic, Assembly (16 bits)

Windows: Opus/OpenBase, Visual Basic, C, C++

Unix: Opus/OpenBase, C (ansi)

I prefer C, and the C++ Builder, Visual C++ and lcc-win32 compilers

How and why did you start out with virii?

I make my first virii in 1985, only infect .com files. This virus, capture the Int 09h (keyboard) and look for all typed chars ... each 21 characters typed, the machine reduce the speed :-)

What (virus-)groups are you/have been a member of?

I'm dont a member of the any group, but I thing in the next Matrix e-zine, I release my "Internet Worm Generator 2.0" source code.

Are you active in other scenes, or have you been?

I leave the hacking scene in 1998, and I close my official website at (http://sennaspy.tsx.org) after many Internet Investigator's contacts :-( I'm very specialist in Backdoor and Trojans

Which virii have you written and which ones do you like most?

I'm writting the

I dont have prefer in my creations.

Have you ever released any of them in the wild? If so, how?

Yes. I spread many files using the "netbios" vulnerability. I looking for the open computers and I shared the disk and put the file in "start menu" folder... in the next boot, the machine is infected :-)

Were they destructive?

No.. I hate destructive programs

Are any of your virii in the wild?

Yes.... mainly the trojans... :-)

What is your view about destructive payloads?

I hate destructive payloads.

How do you name your virii?

I make many tools, trojans and worms and all are called "Senna Spy" xxxx... I thing the main use and I post the name

What are your favourite e-zines?

29a, Matrix, Top Device and others

What are your favourite viruses and why?

All polymorphic virii.

What are your favourite AV's and why?

My favourite is the AVP and I thing they detect little false positives, and detect many variants than others. The AVP monitor is good too, because dont use 100% cpu, like (VShield) and Norton Monitor (argghhh)

Which persons in the scene do you respect most?

I dont have a specific people. I thing all peoples have the same level.

Which ones do you disrespect most?


What VX technique are you most interested in?

Polymorphic engines

What do you think about macro/script virii?

I thing, all virii types are welcome :-) But I thing script virii are toys :-)

Do you have any goals VX-wise?

In this moment, only collect virii and make more tools for programmers

Any plans in the future as a coder and in general?

Yes, I thing discover the AVP engine, and I'm studing reverse engennier in this moment.

Any last words/greets?

Thanks for all peoples in the #virus, #vxers at undernet

Thanks for the interview :-)

Sorry for my bad english