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Tell us a bit about yourself, hobbies, music, etc.

I am 17 years old and I live in Moscow (Russia). i have light hair and green eyes, growth 178 cm...

My hobby's & interests are: football, girl, computerz, coding, computerz graphic des.

Music: Me to like it is a lot of different styles of music: Blink182, GuanoApes, BloodHoundGang, Offspring and some other music..

In general it depends on mood, sometimes I listen to heavier music.

How did you get your handle? Is there a specific meaning behind it?

Hmmm... difficult question. I remember that it was 4 years back. The handle "ULTRAS" occurs from a word "ultra". I any more do not remember why so I have named myself...

How and when did you start out with computers?

To me there were 7 years when at me the Russian computer has appeared "DUET", then at me was ZX Spectrum. In 1996 the parents have bought to me Pentium 133/16Mb/2G HDD it there was one of the most abrupt computers in that time.

Which programming languages do you know and which ones do you prefer using?

I know such programming languages: assembler (win32/dos - heh... not so well) , qbasic, vbasic, VBA, VBScript, pascal, (i learn C/C++). Most of all to me to like asm, it is language on which almost all probably. But program for the friends and another shit for college I write on VB.

How and why did you start out with virii?

It has taken place in 1996. At me was CD with DOS games, from there I have infected a virus Yankee. Then to me the brother has brought DrWeb and we have cured mine PC. On that CD I have found out 5 different viruses.

Then I have decided(solved) to collect viruses for 1 month I has saved 11 viruses. Then has appeared that one of my friends collects viruses. We with it(him) have exchanged by collections and at me the first virus WordMacro.Concept has appeared.

Then at my brother has appeared internet and I have pumped up many viruses, in one month after that I shall let out first in Russia Macro a virus under Word97 under the name Jackal (november 1996). Then January 1 I shall send this virus Cicatrix and aurodreph.

What (virus-)groups are you/have been a member of?

I the member of group MATRiX.

Are you active in other scenes, or have you been?

There is no I only I write viruses.

Are there irl people that know of your vx 'career'?

Is not present some people know that I write viruses. It all the same is not interesting to my friends, and it is normal to concern to this.

Which virii have you written and which ones do you like most?

I do not know what virus at me was successful what is not present, I am simple them I write. It seems that shortly I shall write the best virus. I shall not write that it will be for a virus, but it will be sensation (if certainly at me it to turn out it to write).

Have you ever released any of them in the wild? If so, how?

Yeah, I really distributed some viruses, I simply wanted to look as they to be distributed. I used many methods: Packing PE - WinZip SFX, Free Sex Password List document, Free sofwtare, Infected Warez Software etc...

Names of viruses which I distributed: WM.Crypt, XM.Enigma, XM.Ultras, Html.Ultras, I-worm.Android etc...

Were they destructive?

Yes some of them were destructive...

Are any of your virii in the wild?

There is no such I still yet did not achieve, it is possible in the future.

Can you tell us some more about the history of W95/MTX?

This project was thought up by the participants of group MATRiX in April of this year. I do not know to whom the idea has come it to write such virus, but it not I was exact. I can not more anything write, because I not the author of this virus.

History of a virus Sabia can read on virus.cyberspace.sk

What is your view about destructive payloads?

It is a lot of disputes on this theme. It is necessary to use destuctive payload whether or not. I think that is necessary but not always. All history virmaking begins with viruses which had destructive payload, only in last 4 years have overlooked(forgotten) it and any more do not use it so frequently.

Presently viruses are written to show technology, but only 10 % of viruses are distributed also authors of these viruses not virmaker, it is simple the programmers which try to write a virus and sometimes use destructive.

It seems that destructive it is necessary to use that userz became more is cleverer and did not open that has got, instead of which of them have paid for viewing porno in internet.

It is my point of view and I am going her (it) whom to impose...

How do you name your virii?

I do not know the name come after several bottles of beer. Sometimes viruses I name on their properties (parameters) that they do (make), as are distributed.

What are your favourite e-zines?

VX-Tasy, Xine, MATRiX, 29a

What are your favourite viruses and why?

My opinion concerning the best virus each time varies at occurrences new virz. I shall name viruses which at present I consider (count) best.

What are your favourite AV's and why?

I at all very much love AV, but I consider(counthat AVP, DrWeb likely best of all AV.

Which persons in the scene do you respect most?

About them it is a lot of: Z0MBiE, Vecna, T00FiC, GriY0, Billy Belcebu, NBK, mort, MisterSandman, prizzy myrkry, T2000, Lord Julus, Benny, SSR...

It seems that all these people have achieved success on vxscene and all of them have made that that new.

What VX technique are you most interested in?

At present one technology is interesting only to me:

Metavirizm - Updating of viruses, download virus plugin.

I try to write the most perfect way download plugin. I think that further it is technology very much will be used frequently in all viruses under many platforms. I have thought up some method download plugin for different platforms: Macro, Script, Win32 etc. Most likely it will be published in ezine MATRiX#3.

What do you think about macro/script virii?

To me not so to like to write script viruses because they are very simple in a spelling and have the limited opportunities as against macro virus which can much. I think that macro viruses will be improved and to appear very interesting and complex(difficulmacro viruz.

Do you have any goals VX-wise?

I don`t know, I have no such purpose. Can be write a good virus which will to work on different platforms. Can be simply write good viruses.

Is there any way you can be reached?

    e-mail: ultras_@hotmail.com
       web: www.coderz.net/ultras
       irc: Undernet channel: #virus, #vir, #mtx, #vxers
            EFNet channel: #virus, #coders.ru
            nickname: [ULTRAS] or MTX4EVER, [U]

Any plans in the future as a coder and in general?

I very much want to write one virus, but I shall not name his(its) name and that it will be for a virus, that it(he) has turned out. And certainly I shall continue to write viruses under win32.

Any last words?

The large thank T2000 for it interview, and as the help and support which it(he) to me rendered during all time that we are familiar. To my friends from Russia (Z0MBiE, janush, GWI, SSR, N0, LG, MIXA, MADRocker and others)

I want to tell a thank to all my friends: mort, NBK, Vecna, Mister Sandman, Del_Armg0, anaktos, LordJulus, mgl, Weird, Spanska, prizzy, Bhunji, LiFEWiRe, T00FiC, VirusBuster, SlageHammer, Benny, Silvio Cesare, Billy Belcebu, pointbat, Myrkry, asmodeus, HenKy, Bumblebee, urgo32, mandragore, Shaitan, JQwerty, Zulu

IKx, MATRiX, IR, FS, lz0, most 29a's... most #virus, #vxers ppl

PS: The given interview was written after 3 bottles beer, so forgive if I that that not that has told....