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Wild W0rker is one of the regulars on #virus. So I decided to ask him for an interview. Here I present the resulting textfile. Stuff in this brackets [] 're my comments.

Can you introduce yourselves?

I am Wild W0rker, Ukrainian virus writer and RSA member born in the 1937:). I have girlfriend (but may be she is my wife already, coz i don't know when this mag will be released:). [ Wildie is married man for some 2 or 3 week now :). Here you can see how lazy I am ... ]

What is RSA?

Ruthles Stealth Angels (RSA) that's Ukrainian virus writing group. BTW we need good coders:), if you are good coder and wanna be RSA member, email me to ww@trust-me.com or ww@for-president.com)

Why did you choose nick Wild W0rker?

Dunno:) I was drunk when i select it:)

When and why did you start to be interestin' in computers?

I've seen the first time the computer 6 years ago at the school. It was the soviet computer and looked as a refrigerator:). I love refrigerators with products, that's why i love computers:) ( joke :) [ I know such a computerz :) ]

Your first contact with virus ...

When i start work with computers, one virus formated all my disks... That's was my first contact with viruses:) [ Hi boyz, who coded that Anti WW0 virus ? :) ]

What about your first virus?

Heh, i made it one year, it was resident com infector. It was shitty virus you know what is first virus:) and i rm it.

Virus as weapon ( bunch of paranoid geeks like NSA,CIA,DIA,SIS 're sked to skip this question and answer)

Well if you have problems with some ppls you don't need to use gun... You can infect their computers and destroy all information on it... may be after that this ppls will use gun for suicide:)

Your favourite virus and why

Hmm i think Zhengxi is it, coz it can infect everything, have good polymorphic engine and many other nice features:)

Your favourite antivirus program and why

AVP, coz it have good polymorphism detection, not bad speed, xcellent virus descriptions. (and it can be fucked...look at 29A#1:)

Vx coder you would like to meet personally and why

I like to meet with all vx coders who can drink not only juice:)

AV people you would like to meet

i don't want to meet with AV ppls.

AV name(s) making you to puke :-P

no one:)

Are in your country some laws against viruses and their author?

May be that's funny, but i don't know:)

What do you think 'bout maniacs who want to bust and prosecute us, the vx coders and would like to erase the vx scene ?

they are idiots:)

Your plans 4 the future as coder and in general...

Well me and my friends (RSA members) will work on dos/win95 viruses and we trying to make undetectable virus...

Last but not least : can you point us to some interestin' online resources on the internet ?

www.ilf.net - that's nice vx archive

So Wild W0rker, thanx for interwiew. And keep writing viruses . And don't worry 'bout being married :-P