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1. Would you introduce your self? origin, age, your handle(s),...

My nick people know me as is synge, short for synged flesh :) I currently live in the southwest U.S. im 26.

2. When,How,why did you get interested in the virus business?

I didnt actually start out in vx, when I first started I was into hacking and cracking back in the day. I actually started taking programming classes in high school and wrote this program that locked up people's computers in my QBasic class. Haha it constantly sent the same message to all the screens and you had to hit F1 to close it. Those were the fun days. My interest started in vx when my computer was infected with the Jack the Ripper virus. It all went from there.

3. How where your first steps?

My first steps were lucky actually, I came on IRC undernet back when Feathered Serpents were around. This guy named Yesna and others were really cool in explaining stuff to me, and answering dumb questions I had. CyberYoda sent me a disassembled copy of Jack the Ripper and I just read lots of articles and kept practicing.

4. Have you been part of any group?

Yes. I started out as a member of Metaphase when Knowdeth was still in the scene. Shouts to Knowdeth wherever you are! I was also working on joining my favorite group at the time NoMercy but they were inactive by then. :( I'm currently a member of Doomriderz who just released a great e-zine thanks to free0n. But I also work with F-13 Labs and Eof-Project.

5. What is your toolbox for developing/testing? (compilers, docs, AV)

It depends on the language i'm using. If it's .NET I use the visual express editions, my favorite c/cpp compiler is Dev-Bloodshed it rocks.

If PHP I just use Macromedia Dreamweaver and Apache httpd. My favorite assembler is probably MASM. I dont use AV's I hate them and AV'ers they're assholes and get virus names wrong and bad descriptions. they talk lots of crap but don't do anything themselves. If i want to scan something I use VirusAll or Jotti websites.

6. Could you tell us what are your creations? (description if possible)

In the past i've done mainly vb.net and php, js type stuff all HLL. I wrote the first vb.net virus. My most recent work is a PHP virus called 'Socrates' which is making its way around the web right now. It uses an encryption technique I wrote and shows some cool new methods. Also I wrote a c# worm which can be seen in EOF #2, it infects Windows Live messenger.

7.How do you name your viruses?

I'm similiar to free0n from Doomriderz. I'm big on ancient Greek and Roman stuff so I like to use names of philosophers and gods a lot. Or if im in a weird mood i'll show my bad sense of humor like with JS.Barney. Also name can be based on the payload.

8.What's your preferred language?

I wouldn't say I have a preferred language, it just depends on what i'm writing. Also I get burnt out on using the same language and I like to switch it up from time to time. If you need something really small and quick i'd say assembly, but for others i'd rather use c/c++ or even a scripting language, it just depends.

9. What virus or developers are your favorite? why?

There's not too many current active coders to like right now. I wouldnt say I have favorite developers but favorite works. I really like a lot of WarGame and Necronomikon's works because they use the same languages as me. There's a few really good chinese coders also, shouts to robinhood from F-13 Labs! Free0n also is a consistently good coder as well as Roy G Biv. Even evillove does some good work. I also like berniee from EOF.

10. This question is a classic one: what do you think about destructive payloads?

I've personally added destructive payloads to my code. Many speak poorly about them, but I don't know anyone who hasn't done something destructive with a computer at some point and time. The problem is you can avoid doing anything destructive and you get no respect from AV'ers as crappy malware is destructive and gets lots of attention. So either way i'm not for or against them.

11. This year seems to be the reborn of the vx scene?

Nah I wouldn't say that, groups are inconsistent and breaking up. Lots of arguing and people who just idle in rooms and never release any code. Right now there's only a handful of people who should even call themselves virus authors. The scene has become half way commercialized and people just don't seem to care as much. I do what I can to help it keep going though. The hacking scene seems to stay strong though. Shouts to local 2600 peoplez!

12. Can you see in the future and tell us how will virus developing evolve?

Unless there's a miracle I don't see the virus scene getting any better, 29a is basically gone and the newbie people don't seem to do much. We must get organized and stay productive to make it.

13. Any recommendation for vx beginners?

I would recommend a few things. Don't come on IRC and sit and idle and never do anything. Don't make a website with a virus section and never do any virii. Read articles and practice before you ask questions or you can get kicked from rooms. If you want to learn to write vx learn to basic program first. The best way to learn is look at lots of source code.

14. What about the armageddon project? http://armagedon-project.pugnax.co.uk/ (down...)

There are many new coders coming into the scene now, with not much up to date articles or guidance for them to get into the virus scene. I started the Armagedon-Project out of an idea me and Necronomikon had. It started as a place for solo and/or new coders to post their work as a way to show examples and also learn from others.

15. Any greets you'd like to send?

I'd like to say hi to the few remaining active coders left in the virus scene today or people who have helped me. Free0n, Slagehammer, virusbuster, VXF, CyberYoda(thanks for always helping me), izee, WarGame, Necronomikon, Dr3f(Welcome back!),berniee,Roy G Biv,Iclee, Retr0, Hutley, Philetoaster, and robinhood, thats about everyone I can think of.

Interview extracted from jakin ezine #8 http://jakin.sourceforge.net/dokumentazioa/jakin.08/