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You Know guys make Microsoft Sick one again?, well let read this interview!.

Discribe your self

Annoying, Sarcastic, Over The Top, Crazed, Multi-purpose (??), Programmer of Vx and "Normal" Software, Helpfull in everything I can.

Where did you get your handel, what the mean?

Bollock's knows wher it came from. Along the line of JERKING which sort-of means Pest and Annoying etc. eg. I'm jerking you off.

How long you has been active on VX?

'Bout 4-5 years with Vx, 'bout 1-2 years programming them and about 4 months with the Internet.

Why Ya don't have HomePage like Other?, why only available ftp?? bcoz we to lazy to find Ur HomePage :)

We haven't our WWW page because there is not enough time to create and maintain it. Besides we couldn't imagine what we have to put there.

What programing Language you know?, what is your fav?

VB, VBA (There is a difference), Basic (Quick), ASM. For Vx, ASM gotta be the best, VB and normal BASIC good for the rest.

Like every body know, you the first guy infect MS.Access, want tell Us the story behind?

Well, I kinda got a bit pissed at Microsnot for being a bit "Homosexual" (Read Cicatrix' Siggy. for PERFECT summary), I pride myself on my originallity, this enhanced my pride as nobody else had completed such a task :)

Are you in VX group?

I founded the DIFFUSION virus team, now w/ 5 members, Hya HamDan Wong, Smuilt, Cenobyte, and Crack's Whore :).

Pplz on VX you recpect?

VicodinES, DIFFUSION Members, Slage Hammer :) and the rest of you @ NoMercy, Mike Lopez, any ALL original ppl out there :).

Pplz out side VX you recpect?

Good games producers, my family (sort of), ??? Not many other ppl

How many virus you has write, what your fav?

Under Jerk1N, about 10, under Ice Breaker, about 45+, total Over 55 :) AccessiV and Lone.Vengance have gotta be the best :).

What your fav. AV (if you answer McAfee, i'll NOT upload this interview)?

I HATE McAfee!!!!!!!!!! Probably TBAV and AVP.

What your view about VCK?

What's That?. (*grin*).

Discribe the prefect virus

Mine :), no seriously, a virus which infects ALL executables on EVERY COMPUTER and under EVERY SYSTEM available, don't recon one'll do that but anyway :).

How VX move in your contry?

Black Baron arrested, ARCV disbanded, Don't know any more in UK

Should virus be illegal?

Writing them isn't in the UK, only the spreading of them.

I want know, that your comp ever attact by virus? what the virus name??

Only when I run them for testing purposes :) Not stupid enough to get taken out :) Got a bet w/ Smuilt of DIFFUSION, I challenged him that he can't get a Vx on my machine before 15th April.....

What your view about Macro Virus and HLL Virus?

Brill stuff, esp. Macro. Keep 'em rocking ladz/ladiez......

What your motivation write virus?

A laugh really, and also to test my knowledge of the computer system. W/Out ANY referencing I can state the in INT 21h, AH=3Dh is Open File, 3Eh is Close, 3Fh is read, 40h is write, 4Eh is Find First, and 4Fh is find next.... Aren't I SAD!!!!.

Who are you in the real life?

Mark Watkin, Chris Heater, Jack Smithe :) (First is my REAL name), I'm 16 (yes, if you work it out I've been w/ Vx since 10/11 years old) and a Pyromaniac, Computer Freak, Unpopular, male, what else?.... Paranoid? Nop, Stressed? Nop, Insane? Probably! LOVES PUNK ROCK, esp. The Offspring and Therapy?

Any greetz?

Yeah, DIFFUSION Members, Cicatrix, VicodinES, All those who made text n shit on AccessiV (All AVer's and News Reporters), Slage Hammer.

if you have homepage just write here (I already know it, but other??)


Jerk1N, of the DIFFUSION Virus Team jerk1n@trust-me.com