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Tell me a little about yourself as a person, hobbies/music etc etc

I am 24 years old, employeed as an application programmer. The job takes little time, so I have enough for virii programming and communications. Working at night, sleeping up to the dinner or sunset. I am a dark person, if something definitevely dark or light exists. I like thrash/death/black/doom music, my favourite bands are Slayer, Sepultura, Kreator, Rotting Christ, Early Burzum. Also I like to listen to Russian punk. On weekends I like to meet friends and drink some beer, visit a death/black metal concert to shake my long hair, discharge any energy, and to listen music. I like to read a lot. My favourite books are "The Stainless Steel Rat Born", "The Mexican" by Jack London, Stephen King's books, and different technical literature. I like to watch horror movies. As for any ideologies or religions, I prefer to believe in myself, and to be free from any ideologies.

All handles have their own history, what's yours?

First time I read the Bible when I was 15, and realized how the God sucks - blackmailing, requires from people to be his slaves. The same time Bible says God is love. So, I choose two contradictory words and joined it together - LovinGOD, i.e. nonsense. Later I have realized that both God and love sucks. God loves you, if love means raping in very perverted styles, so I'd like to "love" all my enemies in such way too :)

When did you first come in contact with computers?

The first serious contact was when I was 20, in the University. There was first Russian IBM PC clones with CGA and no hard drive, only 5-inch floppies. I also studied BASIC and Pascal in school on Yamaha and then in the University on a giant big machines with green/white displays and killing weight keyboards.

And your first contact with computer viruses?

In 1992 I went out to see the Sepultura concert about a 1000 kms away from home and met my friend, who wrote virii. He gave me his COM.TSR. Overwriting and about a hundred of others. I thought virii is something unreachable, but when I saw that real_people does it, I started to do write virii too.

How long have you been active in the Vx scene?

More than a five years.

What specifically are your interests in viruses?

Attempt of survival in the cyberspace, researches, pure programming, not purposed for stupid users. And the stuff of power, information weapons.

Do you think of viruses as a form of artifical life?

Kinda this. Virii are similar to the forms of artificial life, but not exactly, coz they can't adopt themselves and think for themselves. I hope the future will make em more intellectual.

What's your "moral" thought about viruses and spreading them?

We are the scientists and must be ruthless to everything that doesnt relates to our researches. Real virus must live in a real environment, must be spreaded and fight for himself. It's a war, where are no civilians.

What's your "moral" thought about destructive payloads?

I don't like this society. It urges us to be a mediocre cattle consumers. Society created moral principles, which serves to weak ones. They want to be weak and to be protected. I support terrorism and make only destructive payloads to express my feelings to this sick society. And anyway, it's a fun to crash everything you don't like or make them nervous.

Have you written any viruses? If so which one/ones are you most proud of

The most known was the Tchechen viruses family. I can't say I am very proud of it, coz I have more interesting projects to be completed, but it was spreaded good and contained good technologies and was original.

How do you name your viruses?

Occasionally. In stage of finishing. I don't like to think about such things as name or payload before virus is ready, coz it takes attention away from the algorithm. And I never sign virii by my name.

What are your goals as a coder?

Do not just code, but to invent new technologies.

What are your thought about macro viruses and HLL virii?

Macro virii are good as transport - documents are the most spreading things, but macro's ain't effective as is. Anyway, it's a good pain in the ass for users.

HLL virii looks like paralized children. They can't feel their body and can't be flexible. I think that's not a class worth to exist. Except UNIX ones, which must recompile itself, but that's another story.

What virus/viruses do you like the most?

I like OneHalf - I have dizassembled it and admired how accurate it was coded; MME.SSR virus, which was not very survivable, but contained incure technology; Anarchy, which can transport himself thru .DOC's, and CIH, which contains such effective payload.

How should the "ultimate virus" look like?

Quiet. No payloads except the one, but final, taking the control over a computer and infects only exported files.

Do you use AV programs?

Yes, to sort virii, to spoof these programs, and sometimes to check for unwanted virii on my PC. Of course, I don't pay for these commercial programs.

If you had to chose one which one would it be?

The best... I am using AVP and DrWeb, they're stupid enough, but the same time are effective against existing virii.

Tell me a little about SGWW/SG history

When I have wrote about 10 modification of my com.non-tsr virus, I started to need the new information and people, who could help me and share ideas. So, I and my friend Crazy decided to orgainze a club for virmakers. We sticked ads on the walls and wrote to fidonet about this. Fidonet members tried to find us, but failed and became our enemies. One man gave me 6 issues of 40Hex zine, so I decided to run the first Russian virii e-zine. Growing in size, group wasn't effective, just a big crowd, so I have to re-think a lot since autumn, 1994. Now we have strict membership level - survivable non-detectable virus, compatible with Win9x, destructive and self-spreaded. The others are candidats, which can get help, but not really a members. Each applier must fill in an application form, and he will be rejected if he ain't real cyberspace underground man or has any pro-social or and anti-destructive thoughts.

What do you think is your greatest achievement in the Vx-scene this far?

My greatest achievement as virus writer is in the near future, but as organizer, I think I succeed a few in creating a gang of cyberwarriors and scientists.

What groups/persons do you respect most and least?

There was no such event like Morris worm to say anything positive. As for groups, 29A is the most professional group now. In all, I respect most the people who have decided to devote their future to virii and hack, not those who choose it for one-day hobby. And I disrespect pussies who telling that destruction is bad and those who co-operate with AV.

What's your genereal thoughts about the vx-scene?

First, the virus-scene cannot be large. I can see not more than 30-50 virus makers worldwide. It must be more organized like mafia "family", more hidden from alien eyes. People must not claim their copyrights and write virii just for publishing in zine. It must be very organized to make the shocking things. If any SERIOUS virus will be written and distributed in the future, author will be catched in a moment. So, now we can see something like kindergarten - not organized crowd.

Does anyone of your friends/classmates know about your "virus activity"?

Yes, they do, but not the details, and not all, but friends only.

If so what do they think?

Neutral, supporting or sceptic. They will not be my friends if they start to think bad. I have lost some friends because of they tried to teach me that I am wrong, and I don't pity about those assholes. That was not a freinds then. Anyway, I will not be a friend to anybody who will start to support AV.

What do you think about USA and their "WE ARE BEST" attitude?

Lets somebody beat em, if they think they can break free. If not, so that's a reality. USA was created by humans. All humans wants to be a silly consumers, weak and protected from any violence. So, the whole world will become a consumers' safe place, all terrorists, thieves, killers, hackers and virus makers will be hunted. I don't care about nations interests, coz all nations sucks like the most people on this globe. ...but we haven't another one.

We are moving into a new millenium, what do you think will happen?

Rounded number of year will influent positive for people activity. We're moving into a new millenium, so we must do something :) Microsoft-ware will become simplier, users more stupid, and computers (with our 'help') will think for em all.

Are you religious?

No, I believe myself only. But I am anti-xtian and abuse xtians if I can. And I am not an atheist, coz I 'believe' in facts. No pro and contra facts weren't discovered, just guesses. And I can't build my life on this.

Do you believe any of the old/new prophecies about total world destruction?

Looks like it will finally happen. But not so soon. Shitted environment, population multiplying, risk of nuclear powerstations blowup... This will be good end, and I'll be glad if can die together with this planet :)

How will the future OS/computer viruses look like?

Internet worms with artificial intellect, they will have more power, coz computers will control everything in real life.

30.Will computer viruses be used as "weapons" in the future?

I am using this information weapons now. Of course, future technologies will allow viruses to influent on real life.

What's the current state of your "real life"

Now I am living alone and independent. I have a job, where to live and not isolated from real life - I am not a virtual, I am real man in real world. I need more productivity, more physical training, more money, to quit smoking, to master such things as phreaking, and to have less stupid job like writing coloured interfaces, need to make the group organized better. And I don't need retirement, silence, family, children, society rescpect and other shit like this. I am feeling good and ready to continue this fascinating game, called 'life'.

LovinGOD. 1999.03.20 07:20am Moscow time.