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  1. Intro Words
  2. The idea
  3. How to split?
  4. How to join?
  5. Short: How to use?
  6. Short: Encryption
  7. Short: Code in Filename
  8. Outro words

0) Intro Words

This title may give you no ideas what my idea is about, so I'll tell you: The idea itself is a heavy kind of Fuck-AV technique, it does not belong to any other technique I've already seen. Just check it out.

Let's consider the detection of a virus by an AV program: The AV program searchs in all files of the disk for special strings or whatever. If it finds such a string, the file is detected. (I dont talk about encryption or polymorphism in this connection - it's not important for the idea). How to prevent this detection? I'll explain you...

1) The idea

Well, I've told you that an AV searchs in every file of the HD if there is a virus. But what would be, if the virus would not be in one file? What would be if the virus would be in 1000 or more files?

You may think: "Shit, what the hell are you talking about?"

OK, let's say anybody's computer gets infected by a virus/worm. Many files get infected and the user recognizes that something smells fishy. (S)He updates the AV program, scanns all files, all infected files become clean. Is anything over now? No, it is not, because the virus/worm, when running the first time splitted itself in 1000 parts, and every part is a own file with the length of ~4-8 byte. This files (which have random names) became saved in a directory. The files alone can not harm anybody, but together they can. Together? The virus/worm also made a file, which joins all files. This file, which runs every at restart (registry,autostart,...) become executed now, and the computer will be reinfected again.

Can you now imagine how our virus/worm uses this technique and why may be real successful? Just read on...

2) How to split?

This is most important for the technique: The more parts you have for your virus/worm, the less the chance, that an AV program could detect it. Why? Because a 4 byte scan-string would not be enough for detecting a virus. If such a small scan-string would be used, the AV would definitivly have alot of false-positives (detecting uninfected files). It is also important to split your files randomly. Not always the same way. And to split the files in random length parts, not always i.e. 5 byte.

If the program is a virus, it does not matter if the you also split thehostcode. And about the header of a file: It is no problem to also split the header into parts.

Now let me show you a primitive graphic, how i mean this:


      This could be:

      1: RE              1: REA
      2: AL-             2: L-FIL
      3: FILE-           3: E-INF
      4: INF             4: ECT
      5: ECTE            5: ED
      6: D-B             6: -BY-
      7: Y-A-            7: A-VI
      8: VIR             8: RUS-
      9: US-US           9: USIN
     10: ING-           10: G-TH
     11: THE-           11: E-OVE
     12: OVER-F         12: R-FI
     13: ILE            13: LE-SP
     14: -SPLI          14: LI
     15: TTING          15: TT
     16: -TECH          16: ING
     17: NIQ            17: -TE
     18: UE             18: CHN
                        19: IQU
                        20: E

Now let's imagine, that every small part of the file has a random name. And one more: Let's imagine, every part could be in any directory at the Harddisk. Or even on another partition. That does not matter, you just have to save the name for the joining-process.

3) How to join?

How could be join this files again to one file, which can be executed? At splitting the virus, we have the filenames and -pathes, so we have to save them. After splitting, a file will be created, which will join the virus to one file. I'll show you now how such a file could look like. For making it easy I've used CMD command COPY for that:

    copy C:\WinNT\shjei2.tmp+E:\Pictures\lwjfnvmsiq9jm.dsf+D:\Songs\ToT\j1s.ajs+C:\Vir-Fol\iajw.vir+... C:\run.exe

The most important thing is,that your joining-program can not be detected. You can of course generate your program totally randomly, and with the filenames it is totally random.

There is nothing more to say...

4) Short: How to use?

Here is another idea, how you can use this technique for an eMail worm. The worm should send itself via an archive (.ZIP/.RAR/.???). The archive has to contain a directory and a joining file. In the directory there are all parts of the virus. The user clicks the joining file, and it joins the virus to one file and runs it. The result is, that the user can scan every file, but nothing is found, because no file is the virus, but all. :)

Something else: An eMail as archive is more serious than a normal .EXE file, and even if in the archive are more files and a directory. The user may think it's a program.

5) Short: Encryption

No, this is no encryption tutorial, but another way how to use this idea. You could have 3 files: joining-file, encrypted-code file,decryption file.

     Before joining:          After joining:

      ______________         _______________
     | Joining file |       | Joining file  |
     |______________|       |_______________|

      ______________         _______________
     | Encry. code  |       | Decry. engine |
     |______________|       | Encry. code   |
     | Decry. file  |

What is important for this technique? Your decryption engine and the joining file must not be detected. If the decrytion engine is not detected, most times AV tries to emulate the decrytion and encrypt the virus. But if there is nothing to decrypt, nothing is detected. :)

6) Short: Code in Filename

This is another idea, which belongs (nearly :D) to Over-File Splitting. Just imagine: What would be, if we would make a directory, and make new files with special names. The special names should present the code. But as there are many characters, which aren't allowed for a filename, we have to use the HEX of the character.

But now we have one problem: We have sort the filenames, as we need to join the parts in right way. I'll show you a short graphic to let you understand my idea:

     1. File: 000148454C4C4F20
               \/  | | | | | |
               AA  B C D E F G

     2. File: 0002565845525321
               \/  | | | | | |
               AA  B C D E F G

     AA: This is for sorting the filenames. I've used a word, so we can use
         0xFFFF filenames. Important: 4 Byte=2 HEX Chars=0xFFFF chars.

     B: 2 Bytes = 1 HEX of a Character. Here it is the 1st one.
     C: 2 Bytes = 1 HEX of a Character. Here it is the 2nd one.
     D: 2 Bytes = 1 HEX of a Character. Here it is the 3rd one.
     E: 2 Bytes = 1 HEX of a Character. Here it is the 4th one.
     F: 2 Bytes = 1 HEX of a Character. Here it is the 5th one.
     G: 2 Bytes = 1 HEX of a Character. Here it is the 6th one.

Just for not missunderstanding: '000148454C4C4F20' IS the filename, it could also be '000148454C4C4F20.txt', but for making it easier, I did not use any extansion.

For getting the code: You have to sort the filenames:

Reduce the 4 byte in the beginning (which are just for sorting):

And join the names:

As it is a Hex-Value, we have to change it to a Text Sting:


Isn't this nice??? :)

Well, I know that this idea is quite strange and it seems to be unreal. But it isn't, you can make it real! And if you did, nobody will detect it.

7) Outro words

This technique is definitivly hard to bring it to reality, but no way impossible. I would like to see the faces of AVers, if they see such a virus. :) But really, what would they do? The only thing is to detect the joining file, but what if we could make it undetectable? We would have an undetectable virus - isn't that our goal?

                                                  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                                    Second Part To Hell/[rRlf]  
                                                    written from Jan 2005

                                                    ...surrealistic viruswriter...
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